You can find my work at various exhibitions around the country. I also have a limited amount available at my online shop through 'Dot-art. If you would like a personalised piece, I accept commissions in a variety of media: sculpture, painting or drawing.

Commissioning a Painting or Drawing

For portraits ideally I work from life taking 3-5 x 3 hours sittings or equivalent. But I can also work from photographs in cases where the sitter is, for whatever reason unavailable.
For paintings I would usually work in oils, a medium which comes with certain time constraints around varnishing. Drawing is a lot more of a direct process which I execute in pencil or charcoal, the later offering some further preservation issues. I work with framers that I know and trust to create a final framed piece. Alternately I can offer recommendation for framing if you prefer to use your framer. Contact me for further details.

Commissioning a Sculpture

For portrait sculpture, again I prefer to work from life wherever possible. Ideally in the first sitting I will be producing drawings as well as taking photographs and measurements that can be used as a reference to continue the work between sittings. After that a number of sittings could be arranged during which the clay sculpture would be brought to completion. Alternatively more work might be done based on the photographic images, for instance, for small children who find it difficult to sit still for extended periods.
On completion of the clay model you have various options for the casting of the piece – either in plaster or bronze, and with a variety of finishes. Bronze is by far the most durable and beautiful casting material for sculpture but also costly due to the complexity of the process which I would entrust to a local fine art foundry. The prices for my sculpture reflect the size, detail and finish of the piece as well as whether it is a unique piece. Contact me for further details.

How can you contact me?

e-mail: kdereliart@gmail.com .
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