Halldor Sigurdsson Sculpture Gets Unveiled

Last year I completed a portrait commission for some people in Iceland. The commission was originally organised through John Robinson who I know from the Liver Sketch Club who also very kindly helped organise around the various problems encountered along the way. Not having dealt with bronze casting or shipping large objects to foreign countries before the process was something of an involved one but it got it over there eventually. Then world events took a bad turn, Iceland's economy got hit really bad by the recession and the people I was working for had more important things to do than deal with a sculpture which, as far as I knew, had been in storage ever since. Then this weekend the I got a photo through of the unveiling via John. Here it is.

The person doing the unveiling is the daughter of Halldor Sigurdsson of whom this is a portrait. It was done from photographic reference so I can only hope its a good likeness for people who actually knew him. The feedback I've had seems pretty positive though. Its possible that I might get some more photos through later in which case I'll post them here.

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